Satilla REMC - Request for Cooperative Information

TO: Chairman, President/CEO, or Secretary of
The Satilla Rural Electric Membership Corporation
P.O. Box 906
Alma, Georgia 31510


In accordance with the policies of The Satilla Rural Electric Membership Corporation I hereby submit my request a copy of certain records believed to be maintained by the Cooperative. I hereby warrant, represent and certify that:

1. I am a member of the Cooperative. My full name, address, telephone number and member account number appearing on the Cooperative records is as follows:

4. I desire a copy of this information for a purpose reasonable related to the business of the Cooperative.
5. I understand that this request for Cooperative information may be denied under the following conditions:
A. If the Cooperative information sought is of such a nature that it would:
1) Violate a person's right to privacy, violate any agreement with third parties
with respect to trade secrets, or adversely affect the Cooperative in its
negotiations with third parties.
2) Adversely affect the Cooperative unduly out of proportion to the possible
competing interest of the member seeking such information.
3) Violate the privilege of confidential communication between the Cooperative and
its attorney.

B. If the Cooperative information is sought for a dishonest purpose, or to gratify mere curiosity, or is otherwise inimical to the lawful interest of the Cooperative, or is not reasonably related to the interest of the member as such.

C. If the Cooperative information sought deals with trade secrets or other information, which is privileged, confidential or proprietary.

6. I do not intend to sell or offer to sell any list of members of the Cooperative and I have not, within a five year period, aided or abetted, and do not now intend to aid or abet any other person in procuring any list of members for such purpose.

7. I shall not use the Cooperative information requested for any purpose other than the purpose specified above.

8. I agree to reimburse the Cooperative for copying charges, and all employee time beyond 15 minutes required to retrieve, compile and copy the information requested by me for all items, except those items listed in Paragraph “1.” of the Cooperative's Policy 620 regarding member access to Cooperative information. Charges for employee time shall be based on the rate of pay for the lowest paid employee authorized to retrieve, compile and copy the requested information. Copying charges shall be assessed at the rate of $.25 per page.